Sans Houses

I discovered this lady's project Sans Houses the other day. She documented fine folks without homes in Nashville.

Her photography is gorgeous and real. Be sure to listen to the audio clips too -

Lack of Power + Lack of JetPack

An open mic at Cafe Coco to see roomie belt out sad drinking songs. A dude played after her and caught my attention with his sweet whistl'in and songs about Tennessee's beauty. He ended up saying hi to me later, and we got lost in talk of adventures and hills and rainforestry and bears.

He'd been traveling from Victoria, British Columbia for no reason at all, other than to try and record some stuff, maybe. He'd won some free wine at a fancy restaurant here, so he asked if I'd join in the fun with him. We show up at the place (not knowing it was nearly as fancy as it was) and got a few funny looks, so decided to hide on the outdoor patio. Tornado warnings and crazy high winds weren't really distracting, but a little more exciting. The power at the place ended up going out and all was pitch black. People were freaking out, but it was totally cooler.

He'd only be here for a few more days, so we enjoyed each other's company while we could. We walked a dog and swinged on swings and went to an old bar with old people playing good songs (again, we didn't fit in) and talked to a real nice dude that likes Jethro Tull.

Seems I'm gettin' used to this livin life fast (!) thing with fellers I get interested in. And they all live on the complete other side of the country.

No day trips to the West Coast unless I find my JetPack...