life is <3

lover friends declaring love forever.
new friends making me feel like me
sheesh, kids.
i love life

Ike's Demise.

Nashville is outta gas. Not only are the people of Houston having a hard time with the hurricane... Nashville peeps are going crazy as the gas stations are quickly putting up 0.00 and No Gas signs. There are a few stragglers that still have a little left of that crazy juice. These guys are surrounded by two lanes of cars waiting to get their fill, causing traffic jams and even more angry people.

Maybe those people who think gas will always flow fresh will get a bit of an eye opener.

Vinegar is Love.

I am newly obsessed with white distilled vinegar. Call me domestic, but this little chemical combo is giving me excuses to clean and freshen pretty much anything. I'm secretly starting to dig on its smell too. Don't tell.

Check out it's awesomeness.


I'd like to do a little local promo for Nashville's poster-art-lovin' Andrew Vastagh's Boss Construction. This dude's keeping art real and giving me fresh eyes to design as I often get lost in my corporate tire ads and powerpoint templates. Need to collab!