Long Live King Benny

My poor baby Benny has recently been laid to rest where with dreams of tuna and sunshine and belly pets forever and ever. A mouse treat as a baby kitty is most likely the cause of his infection with Toxoplasmosis -- a kitty parasite that is usually okay for the feline but can sometimes take control a few years later and severely hurt the sweetest ones. Toxo got to Benny's spinal cord and disabled his ability to walk and carry on with the things cats love best. Like jumping on rooftops and finding retreat in comfy covers of a human bed. Ohhh how I'll miss a Benny hair in my mouth in the morning. Really, I will.

Benny carried on for four years and spread tons of love and giggles to my Wisconsin and Tennessee honeys. A miniature lion, he tricked even the "non-cat-lovers" into thinking cats could be really totally cool. He was a kool kat. Literally.

We placed him in the garden in a sunny spot where sunflowers will mark his true sunny self. Benny, you will be forever missed. Rest in peace sweetheart.

And a few moments of Benny I will never ever forget:

Welcome home Benny! Our first day. Redic hair shave job from previous owner. Love it.

Benny loves a bed. Any bed will do.

Sweet moments were shared on this deck with a cold brewski and my Benny.

Benny and Dan Taylor were best friends. He fancied Dan really good at belly rubbing. Oh, and he really liked to perch on rooftops.

What a lovely Christmas! With Benny's other fav belly rubber, Reggie.

What could be better than a camo-blanket, a Benny, and sunshine?!

A lovely doodle by mister Reggie, long before any hint of that nasty Toxo.

Benny had a super-fun New Years Eve with my sweet brother Collin. What a peach.