Southwest Pumpkin Soup

I made Southwest Pumpkin Soup tonight. And it's kind of good! That's saying something! ... Future soup pro??


After a struggle with my lazy lawnmower, I got that baby juiced enough to give me one more cut before winter. There were a few bits and pieces the big boy couldn't reach, so my favorite 4th grade neighbor Keyshawn and I had a little cutting session with two pairs of scissors I found in the house. Keyshawn told me that grass and hair grow at the same speed in regular conditions. The consistency is the same, too. Unless you have "afro hair".

He then went with Lula Belle and I on a walk, helped me plant my mini evergreen, and swept up the broken glass on the sidewalk so Lula wouldn't get cut. I might kidnap this little sweetheart.

Wagon Wheel

I traveled to Wisconsin last weekend to get fancy and giddy for Renee's and Brian's forever lovin' celebration. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful, happy, emotionally awesome and perfect their wedding (and the weekend) was. Full of cornfields, leaves, barns, forever friends, and the most beautiful bride ever. I still get teary eyed every time I think of Renee in her pretty whites. Oh dear, how lucky a man Brian is!

This picture of Scott sort of sums up the feeling of the whole thing. The pic of Nicole and I is taken right after my attempt at showing some folks how to get their hoe-down on. I was surely about to heart-attack myself. I am so freaking happy (and dying), though it looks like I might have just had a sob fest.

The night ended with Wagon Wheel and a Jimmy Eat World song from Renee and Brian's early days. My biggest loves to them both!