So I promised an update when I can no longer rid myself of dirty hands/body (and with OFF mosquito spray always handy...) and here we are! Mid-Juneish has found me with more love than ever for all my blooms, cacti and succulents!

Now if only I could stop. I am obsessed. My succulents have multiplied themselves cutely in my big horse trough and my grasses (next to the trough) are slowly slowly filling out (they'll be tall and about 3' wide), I've found good temporary spaces for my cactus to greet me home, and I've been sawing my heart away on my herb planters!

Lots of learning for me. People said Nashville was full of clay dirt and bedrock to hinder a determined gardener...and they were spot on. At least in my yard. So, plenty of my ideas (take herb planters) have re-routed and been flipped around (literally). I have more plans to fill much of my yard with pretty rocks to home my cacti and put a stop to my crappy grass growth. Also on the list: expand fence! Within the month I'll have my whole backyard re-fenced off for more playtime for the pup and the shed (see previous post)!

Ahhhh this feels like home :) Click the pics for biggies