Scott and I had an adventure to Asheville a few weeks back that was in.cre.di.ble.

The drive to NC was mostly beautiful and entertaining. We went through a rediculous tourist city (that appeared to be holding on to its 80s/90s roots) and stopped in another equally touristy, but much more attractive city - Gatlinburg. Our first stop: a brewery! Beer not so bad, food was surely from a box of frozen varieties of fried whatevers. Sort of like frozen mixed veggies, but for processed fried foods! Not hot.

Then the mountains! Oh, the mountains! Super gorgeous, humbling, a perfect scene for my newfound musical crush The Tallest Man on Earth. Scott was easily distracted by his new iPhone's GPS capabilities during the prettiest views. I was sure to call him out on this... :)

We arrived at our cabin after dark. The only surrounding showing itself was a big mysterious oak tree in a big empty field that was somehow lit by something I'm still not sure of. Totally surreal. We ventured to Asheville for a couple two-tree beerskies and our first Hempseed Burger (which was so awesome with their super spicy local mustard) at Jack of the Woods. The place was very comfy and cultured. A random slew of 15 or so musicians showed up to play with each other at their leisure, ranging from a housemidwifey-dad (nerdy walking shoes and a Walk for the Cure sweatshirt from the 90s!) to college aged dudes. So far, Asheville has lots of fun people, good local beers, very very yummy veggie burgers, and very very very very yummy mustard!

I woke the next morning to all the beauty that had been hiding itself from me! The sleepy sun showed me green grasses, porch swings, a creek right in front of our cabin, and a special horse farm across the creek (see pic above). Really? Perfect. Scott giggled when he looked outside and said something along the lines of "this is probably too overwhelming for you!!" And it was. Funny how gorgeous that tree was the night before, and now how this was too. All day is beautiful! That horse farm had a house who's folks had to cross the creek on this rickety wooden bridge with NO RAILINGS! And it was skinny! And they had big cars!

That day we coffee-d, got some shisha, went to Tobacco Barn (an amaaaazing gigantic antique store where everything is actually awesome, and mostly reasonably priced) and drooled over pretty much everything. They have a few big chicken metal sculptures that I had to force myself to not buy. And a creepy old goat head chandelier that was far too expensive for my current salary. But when I'm a millionaire, that thing is SO MINE (if Scott doesn't become a millionaire before me)! Then went to Salsa's for a Habenero Margarita (what?! best drink ever!) and some other tasty whatever else we got (I can remember an Almond Avocado salsa). Then we took an unplanned 1/2 hr detour to this grocery store Amazing Savings we heard was cool but didn't hear why. The exterior made us a little leery as it looked like the grocery store version of a Dollar Store...but it was exactly as the name says. It was organic stuff sold super cheap. Like our favorite Red Hot Blues chips, which are normally in the high $3 range were only $2, and a bag of organic coffee normally $11, $3. Sooo cheap. Sooo awesome. I still can't figure out why it was in the middle of the boonies? We ended the night at The Thirsty Monk with some awesome sour beers, other very-hard-to-find foreign beers and a cute possibly-icelandic bartender. Oh! Also got chocolate somewhere in there at French Broad Chocolate Lounge. Chocolate served with a porter beer! Yessss.

i love asheville

RIP Minna

This past week one of the pretty persian/siamese stray neighborhood kitties started getting sick. I'd see her on my way to work barely walking across the street 'mew'ing helplessly. On Friday when I came home for lunch I found her on my stoop shaking, mewing, missing an eye and with one of her ears torn. I fed her some Fancy Feast and water, and loved on her as much as I could. I debated taking her in and attempting to get her healthy again. I hadn't seen her again til today when I found her in a pile of leaves by the curb. I think she had tried to find her comfy place to make peace at. Afraid she'd get run over, I wrapped her in a towel and kept her on my porch away from the wind. She was having a really hard time breathing and could no longer get up. I stayed with her and watched her take a few last 'mew's and pass away.

Sweet fellow-feline-loving neighbor came over to comfort my sobbing self and told me all about this pretty lady, her kitties, and her kitties kitties, and their kitties kitties. Though she was probably only 2 years old he figured. He suggested I bury her next to my house, so he dug a big hole and we set her in her forever spot. What a sweet man.

I'm not sure she ever had a name, but I suppose it was Minna. RIP pretty Minna.

Midwestern Beer/Cheese Curd Tasting
+ Bday Fest

I've had so many things to celebrate I figured it was time to have a party already! The shindig was the result of a Midwestern Beer + Cheese Curd Tasting/Birthday Bash/Housewarming/Buddy-in-town/Year Anniversary in N'Ville.

I had plenty of moments where I'd look at the folks around me and realize how much amazing things have happened to me in the past few months. Which seems to be a pattern as of late that I'm quite alright with.

Some of my favs from the night: Scott's pizza, sparklers from Jay and Marcia, Andy's mono-screenprint and new buddies :)

Pantone 2767 U

After far too much thought on how to be a Wingding or a Terabyte, I decided on another nerdy design element - the Pantone swatch.

Also put together another awesome 105F2 event - Get 'Cha Ghoul On - where peeps of all kinds showed their pseudo selves...and get sexy with Chris Lee's replica of R2D2. Pics might be a little x-rated, so hit me up if you need a little R2 action in your life and I'll send you some sweets.