Sweet Sleeps Forever

I've got my bags packed and my tears wiped and have taken plenty of deep breaths...I am getting ready for an unplanned Wisconsin visit.

My Grandmother's body is frail and she has wished to move on to more comfortable futures for quite some time now. Her body finally granted her these wishes last night at 10:15pm. I'm thinking more unplanned Wisconsin visits will come soon, as my Grandpapa will most likely pass with a broken heart. I'll be sure to give him extra kisses and smiles as it will probably be the last time I see him.

Her singing me asleep to "Away in the Manger" as a child will always calm me, and the rocking she passed on to me and all the other ladies in the family is sure to be carried on. She is a strong, sweet woman and deserves the most beautiful serenity and rest.

Sleep in Peace, Grandma Jane

Rarr Tappin' n Redneckn'

Friday of Those Darlins at the Basement proved a newfound crush. Tap dancing folk singing ladies! Sooo soo good.

Saturday Monster Truck Rally or Nashville Roller Girls or Truck ridin 'n gun shootin'. I might have been a bit timid at first, but that gun warmed right up 'neath these fingers of mine. Maybe someday I'll get me a perty revolver, oh boy! I don't know what I'd do with it though... Maybe just pretend I'm straight thug 4 life.

Weekend of Testosterone

What a gorgeous weekend of 60 degrees and 4 fabulous dudes!

Mr. Chris Wilcox with his buddy's Mike, Matt + Cliff headed their 4 wheeler toward Nashville on Friday for their first honky tonk adventures.

In short:
  • Sexy tunes at Alley Cat Lounge remind me of how much I should listen to Otis Redding and the like
  • Fido visits = lots of coffee and basking in natural light
  • Most fabulous weather ever. Sun and sun and warm skies!
  • Anode adventures get me giddy about how fortunate I am
  • Rooftops of downtown are bright and fun. They also lock. Unexpected x-treme sport descents in a skirt. Alarms. #4965 saved us from the horse cops
  • Pedestrian bridge fills with pretty shadows. It must MUST be like 3 feet shorter than the Shelby bridge.
  • Kite flying in big open grass in Nashville's faux Athens. Chris and I almost put to death by a kite.
  • Vitamin D soaks and soaks and it feels soooo good!
  • Mexican Pizzas with cinnamon and mint might not be as amazing as I planned. But still not horrible...
  • Mel brings hugs and true Tinnisee lovin'
  • Tootsies Orchid Lounge, of course.
  • Layla's Bluegrass Inn, of course. Dancing forever with Matt and Chris! Love love love dancing!
  • Apple pie and bacon, etc. at 417 Union
  • Big hugs that crush me a little
  • Bid adieu to 4 nice boys
Visual Adventures

I fell in love.

I dreamt of pink for years,
but never did she appear.

You might find me on the corner,
if it'll mean I can call 'er my dear.