Sweet Sleeps Forever

I've got my bags packed and my tears wiped and have taken plenty of deep breaths...I am getting ready for an unplanned Wisconsin visit.

My Grandmother's body is frail and she has wished to move on to more comfortable futures for quite some time now. Her body finally granted her these wishes last night at 10:15pm. I'm thinking more unplanned Wisconsin visits will come soon, as my Grandpapa will most likely pass with a broken heart. I'll be sure to give him extra kisses and smiles as it will probably be the last time I see him.

Her singing me asleep to "Away in the Manger" as a child will always calm me, and the rocking she passed on to me and all the other ladies in the family is sure to be carried on. She is a strong, sweet woman and deserves the most beautiful serenity and rest.

Sleep in Peace, Grandma Jane

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