Spring Shedding

Spring is almost over and I've been dealing with my fair share of shedding (have 3 furries). I think it's about time I show them whats up and start my own shed!

My buddy handyman (and amazing designer) Michael Borum and I are getting ready to hammer and nail and screw our little hearts out on my first backyard adventure. I'm building a shed! Well...more of an outdoor hang area with an area to store my machines/tools/and other gnarly things that have accumulated in one of my 3 bedrooms. We're going salvage, baby. I've gotten so lucky to have an awesome salvage yard right behind my house, so we'll find as many beams + windows + doors + whatever we can get our hands on to keep costs low and keep it feelin right.

Check out my layout! The hang/studio area is in the front with cool slide-out barn doors to keep it open (and let critters in, of course) and the 3rd bedroom storage will make its way to the back. A West facing roof window will make sunset oh-so-perty :) You can come play if you'd like. Bring fancy beer + I'll bring the love.

Click the pic for a biggie.