Weekend of Testosterone

What a gorgeous weekend of 60 degrees and 4 fabulous dudes!

Mr. Chris Wilcox with his buddy's Mike, Matt + Cliff headed their 4 wheeler toward Nashville on Friday for their first honky tonk adventures.

In short:
  • Sexy tunes at Alley Cat Lounge remind me of how much I should listen to Otis Redding and the like
  • Fido visits = lots of coffee and basking in natural light
  • Most fabulous weather ever. Sun and sun and warm skies!
  • Anode adventures get me giddy about how fortunate I am
  • Rooftops of downtown are bright and fun. They also lock. Unexpected x-treme sport descents in a skirt. Alarms. #4965 saved us from the horse cops
  • Pedestrian bridge fills with pretty shadows. It must MUST be like 3 feet shorter than the Shelby bridge.
  • Kite flying in big open grass in Nashville's faux Athens. Chris and I almost put to death by a kite.
  • Vitamin D soaks and soaks and it feels soooo good!
  • Mexican Pizzas with cinnamon and mint might not be as amazing as I planned. But still not horrible...
  • Mel brings hugs and true Tinnisee lovin'
  • Tootsies Orchid Lounge, of course.
  • Layla's Bluegrass Inn, of course. Dancing forever with Matt and Chris! Love love love dancing!
  • Apple pie and bacon, etc. at 417 Union
  • Big hugs that crush me a little
  • Bid adieu to 4 nice boys
Visual Adventures

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