RIP Minna

This past week one of the pretty persian/siamese stray neighborhood kitties started getting sick. I'd see her on my way to work barely walking across the street 'mew'ing helplessly. On Friday when I came home for lunch I found her on my stoop shaking, mewing, missing an eye and with one of her ears torn. I fed her some Fancy Feast and water, and loved on her as much as I could. I debated taking her in and attempting to get her healthy again. I hadn't seen her again til today when I found her in a pile of leaves by the curb. I think she had tried to find her comfy place to make peace at. Afraid she'd get run over, I wrapped her in a towel and kept her on my porch away from the wind. She was having a really hard time breathing and could no longer get up. I stayed with her and watched her take a few last 'mew's and pass away.

Sweet fellow-feline-loving neighbor came over to comfort my sobbing self and told me all about this pretty lady, her kitties, and her kitties kitties, and their kitties kitties. Though she was probably only 2 years old he figured. He suggested I bury her next to my house, so he dug a big hole and we set her in her forever spot. What a sweet man.

I'm not sure she ever had a name, but I suppose it was Minna. RIP pretty Minna.

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Sally said...

Oh TJ. Your stories make me happy!