Wagon Wheel

I traveled to Wisconsin last weekend to get fancy and giddy for Renee's and Brian's forever lovin' celebration. I cannot begin to describe how beautiful, happy, emotionally awesome and perfect their wedding (and the weekend) was. Full of cornfields, leaves, barns, forever friends, and the most beautiful bride ever. I still get teary eyed every time I think of Renee in her pretty whites. Oh dear, how lucky a man Brian is!

This picture of Scott sort of sums up the feeling of the whole thing. The pic of Nicole and I is taken right after my attempt at showing some folks how to get their hoe-down on. I was surely about to heart-attack myself. I am so freaking happy (and dying), though it looks like I might have just had a sob fest.

The night ended with Wagon Wheel and a Jimmy Eat World song from Renee and Brian's early days. My biggest loves to them both!


Anonymous said...

Tara, can I marry you as well? Brian won't mind, I promise :o)

Anonymous said...

Tara that was one of the happiest days of my life. (My wedding day was the happiest). I can't agree with you more about how beautiful Renee was and how perfect the day went. --Karen