Ping Pong Ping Pine Tree

So maybe the end of January isn't the most weather-friendly time to see what happens in our West.

Maybe rain will slap your face a little. Maybe umbrellas will invert into gigantic bowls for rain to congregate rather than slip. Maybe jeans can weigh five pounds. Maybe the pines are extra chilled from their mountain heights. Maybe we are all wimps. The dogs didn't mind one bit now, did they?

SAN FRAN maybe wasn't as saturated visually as its palms and greens normally allow, but even gray, I can see the beauty the city holds. I never got to adventure on their steep hills or fight the great white sharks as I had promised. I didn't get to see their bison or have beach bonfires. But I did get to play big-city-life at 111 Minna. I did get to take the best nap I've ever taken cuddled with another. I did get to remind myself how much fun ping pong is, and how awesome I pretend to be. Dann is a man who's figuring stuff out. His new ping pong serve should be patented! I did get to duel with my umbrella on the golden gate bridge (and everywhere else for that matter) which might result in a pretty sweet art project. I got to eat bacon, too :)

PORTLAND was wet and chilly, too. But this city even looks cute gray! Cutest most quaint and cozy city ever ever ever. I must talk myself out of moving here! Afton and I got to slumber in her bed. I tried hard to keep conversation with her in bed, but I kept falling asleep accidentally. I was just too fricking comfortable. Our tum's do funny things when they're horizontal. Maybe we'll make a belly-sound sountrack someday. Coconut milk will sure do the trick. I've got it! "BELLY MILK". It's brilliant, isn't it. We also ventured in Portland's beautiful beautiful trees where we met a radical dog and an equally radical man. Later we met another radical dude, Cord Jr. I think Afton should be friends with him. He's funny and fun and cute. Those kinds of friends are good news, I'd think. I love Portland. I love Afton!

West Cost smiles and umbrellas soon...

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