Its been too long since I'd seen the country.

Nick Meyer, a beloved bud from back in Wisconsin suggested I go see Derrick Brown do his thang right here in Tennessee. He'd be at Arrington Vineyards for an outdoor poem excursion with beautiful sunsets, wine and fires and folks of all sorts.

I took the trek through saturated green hills, picket fences and horse stables aplenty. I could feel my recent tightnesses loosen and release. I realized I hadn't seen the country, green hills, and big 4-leggeds for far too long. I had found some kind of peace! Finally!

Derrick Brown was no less than amazing. A funny dude, perfect for the setting. A 20-something-people mix of elders and folks like me that I haven't found yet here. I met a nice old couple, Ed 'n Billie, who found my recent move fascinating. They shared all their favorite TN adventure spots and we cheer's to travel and adventuring into unknown territory.

I left with my new music obsession playing in the hills of TN he often speaks of. I was thinking about future unknown territories and questioning everything when this song played : Justin Earle - I Don't Care.

Right on brutha.

The first lights of Nashville were annoying, so I drove more in the country (thanks to roomies GPS tracker!) to avoid my bed and familiarity of the city.

I know for sure what it is now, where I'm supposed to be!

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