wet cheeked

I first recall life in Nashville with Davin (aww Davin!) at the 3 Crow Bar hearing The Felice Brothers. We wet our pants and giddied over these 4 brothers (1 pseudo, Christmas Felice) and their way of dancin and singin and wittying up the crowd with their fine country/americana tunes. Sure, we were obsessed.

They came again last Thursday night. I got re-obsessed (though I never truly fell out of obsession) after seeing their fun ways. Justin Townes Earle (Steve Earles babe) finished up with oh-so-sweet songs with a little now-ish stuff and a little then-ish stuff.

My bum week became much sunnier after Thursday night, and I wanted to share it with some folks I find especially special in TN. The Felice Brothers were to play a Friday luncheon show at Grimey's Record Store! Promises from TN buds to share my excitement, promises broken with lame excuses and unwillingness for new and exciting breaks from the 8:30-5:30 monotony. Once again I got real down about my current friend state, and remember some key folks from The Great White North (as they refer to it down here). Talks with Cord about moving on from past friend adventures and relishing new friend adventures is hard when new friend adventures aren't always sweet.

Either way I came out of the deal with smiles of my own experiences from adventures I chose to take part in. 'Spose things will always be happy and well if I just follow me own gut.

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