Dear Misters that keep knocking my door after dark:

I appreciate your offers to cut my grass and give me sexual favors and other "hey baby" comments, but really, it just makes me uncomfortable and less likely to take you up on any favors. I know I'm the one that doesn't belong, along with all the other yuppies and professionals that are taking over your "hood". I apologize, as I'm sure it makes you just as uncomfortable as it makes me when you give me those looks and jeers. I apologize that we're making your rent be unbearable, calling you out on all your mishaps, and sneering at your chain-linked fence next to our million dollar renovated historic homes. I apologize for being scared of you too, I'm sure you're very friendly.

Please don't move away. We moved to East Nashville because you make it diverse and give our 8-5 lives some excitement. We like you here.

But please let me be alone when I'm home after 7pm. I am not really interested in chatting or in need of a good grass mow at that hour. Thank you, misters!

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el jefe said...

Why is your blog prettier than mine?

Guess that seems appropriate tho. given that you're a pretty lady and I'm a smelly boy. haha