Tarasaurus Wreckx

i love roller derby.

Saw my first bout last weekend between both of Nashville's Roller Girl teams, Damsels of Distress and Assault Rivals. Check out some pics of their dual.

The bout was WILD! These girls can kick asses! There were shoving and elbowing and rippin' fishnets and getting burned. At one point, my favorite lady, Lady Fury slid into the announcers table and knocked off all the equipment, including a laptop!

So I got a little adrenaline rush and thought maybe I should just become a Roller Girl. Of course, skating isn't my forte, nor is kicking asses... So maybe I could just be a Jeerleader. I can jump up and down and hula hoop and wear blue wigs!

Some of their names were pretty awesome : Chinese Checker (chinese girl), Maulin Monroe, Cocky Mtn. Mama, Fleetwood Smack. Jeff has already created his psuedo nashvillian roller derby dude name : Johnny Crash

Me : Tarasaurus Wreckx

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jeff leet said...

Vive la Tarasaurus Wreckx!!!