Meet Perky!

It's been a long time coming, but I still couldn't be more happy to introduce to you, my home's 4th 4-legged, Perky!

Perky came to me as a poor fella who had horrible allergies and needed more playtime than his old ma could handle. I intended to foster him for a bit until he could find a forever home. Turns out I had a little left over heart space for just ONE more dog (Lula Belle totally loved him too, it's not all my fault!). He stayed.

Though he has his quirks (we all do, right?), he has loved and helped me out so much! Lula is mostly deaf and I believe to be a bit slow mentally. Perky retrieves her for me and seems to care for her like a big bro when she needs a little help. Oh, and he loves to give kisses and hugs and pretend to be a lot smaller than he is...especially on laps. What a dude :)

We love you, Perky Bear!

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